Drug Crimes Attorney in San Diego, California

Convictions for controlled substance offenses can carry serious penalties — even on a first offense. Sometimes there are mandatory minimum sentences that apply. As such, it is important to enlist an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you fight drug charges as soon as possible.

Practicing Criminal Defense in San Diego and Murrieta Since 1989

For two decades, I have defended clients against drug charges in both state and federal court. I have experience with all types of drug crimes, both misdemeanors and felonies.

You deserve to have a clear picture of what the legal system can and cannot do for you. Contact my law office to set up a free, confidential consultation in San Diego, California. I proudly assist individuals in the surrounding areas, including Chula Vista, El Cajon, Vista, and throughout San Diego County.

Defending your drug charge, from simple possession to drug trafficking

I have experience with all drug crimes, from simple possession cases to major felony sales cases. I have defended clients accused of:

  • Drug possession, including marijuana possession
  • Drug distribution, sales, and trafficking
  • Conspiracy
  • Drug manufacturing and cultivation

Getting You the Best Deal Possible in Your Drug Case

A conviction for a controlled substance offense can have a negative impact on your future. Drug convictions can block your ability to get a student loan or other public benefits, and the conviction will be visible to employers, landlords, and other members of the public.

I fight to reduce any future consequences of your arrest or conviction and to get you the best deal possible for your situation. I will investigate your charges to determine whether you have a procedural or substantive defense: for example, did the officer have probable cause to search you or your surroundings? Did they have, or need a warrant? Did they properly seize your property — car, cash, or other assets?

If charges cannot be dropped, I will strive to negotiate a better possible outcome than prison or jail, such as a diversion program, which allows some first- and second-time offenders to receive substance abuse treatment rather than jail time. Reach out to me today to start fighting back in San Diego, California.