Drug Manufacturing, Distribution, & Cultivation Attorney in San Diego, California

Lawyer Serving Temecula and Other Areas: Drug Distribution and Cultivation Charges

You can be charged with drug manufacturing or cultivation if you grew, harvested, prepared, or created a controlled substance. Marijuana or hashish grow houses, meth labs, and designer drugs are the most common business operations that result in drug manufacturing charges. California medical marijuana growers are particularly at risk for criminal charges.

If you have been charged with drug manufacturing or drug cultivation, call my San Diego law office for skilled legal defense. For more than two decades, I have defended clients facing drug crimes charges ranging from simple possession to drug smuggling in both state and federal court.

The challenges you face, and the possible consequences of a criminal conviction for drug manufacturing or cultivation, are severe. You deserve a fighting chance. That’s what you will get at my firm. Contact my law office to set up a free, confidential consultation.

Thorough Investigation — Aggressive Defense

I will investigate whether the officers, investigators, and prosecuting attorney acted properly, and will answer such questions as:

  • Is this charge the result of police harassment of a legal medical marijuana grow operation?
  • Did the police have probable cause for a search warrant?
  • If there was an informant (someone who told the police about you), was he or she reliable?